Tuesday, August 16, 2005

horn camp and horoscopes...

well u no i go to this horn camp thing this week..... well there is a strange connection between that and horoscopes for me... there rlly is... ok so heres the story
so @ this camp thing theres this kid named Alex that i guess u cood say im kinda interested in... well then i checked my daily horoscope like i always do.... & here is what it said (from www.findhoroscopes.com)
Gemini - Just because something comes wrapped in shiny foil and tied with a satin ribbon doesn't mean that it tastes good. The same goes for a person you've just met. Hold off on coming to a conclusion.
this makes total sense cuz he's cute...... hmmmmm....

isnt that freaky tho?!?!? it rlly is...

well w/e......... am i the only one for whom (hahahahha) horoscopes come true? or does it happen to u normal ppl too?


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