Monday, August 15, 2005


well yesterday (sunday duh) me and caitlin walked 2 walgreens to get home perming stuff.... yea kinda scary wen this fat dude slowed down in front of us and was starin @ us thru his mirrors.... ::shudders:: anyway so we got our perms...

so today i went to this french horn camp thing.... i'v been dreadin it all summer.....but it wasnt as boring as i thot it wood b..... it was kinda fun... i get to go to it 4 the rest of the wk... yea..... mowed the lawn....... cuz we gettin weed killer on it 2moro.... cuz there takin ovr..... and now i wanted 2 go 2 the mall but w/e so jus call PLEASE if u wanna go..... and feel like given me a ride 2 lol

so yea.... excited 4 stephany's party on saturday.... speakin of that i gotta call jimmy or sumone else who's goin if we can go 2gether cuz i AINT walkin in 2 this thing alone....... o shoot i still gotta get her a present.... ooops now i rlly gotta go to the mall lmao

so jus call me if u r bored and wanna go shoppin...... lmao yea.......

omg u no wat i jus realized? and its rlly sad too..... i havent been to the beach all summer !!!!! wahhhhhh lmao hehehehe if u wanna go there to im ok w/ it jus lemme no wen!!! hahahahahaaaaa sry well ttyl


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