Tuesday, August 09, 2005

since the last time i wrote...

since the last time i wrote:
  • i suffered two nosebleeds for the first time of my life (Wednesday)
  • i went to the mall and got lots of clothes (Friday)
  • i went to this band thing (saturday)
  • kimmy came over and slept over (monday to today)

yes and bunches more happened but i cannot remember it all because you know, im dumb and i think i suffer from memory issues...... yupyupyup call!!!!!! please i'm really bored.....

don't call tomoro cuz jackie and kara are coming over and i hav my guitar lesson and a french horn lesson (my guitar lesson is usually on tuesdays but it had to be rescheduled cuz my instructor has a gig)

and the discovery safely landed in california. thank God they got home safe.

well until next time, luv ya lots


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