Tuesday, August 23, 2005


well yea i was practicin my guitars earlier...... yea im done now... jus talkin w/ friends.... i got my horoscope a few minutes ago wanna c it? o' course u do!!!
Gemini - Expecting an out-of-town visitor? No? Well, you might want to pick up around the house and get a few groceries together just in case. Someone unexpected and altogether delightful is about to drop in on you.

yay i hope someone comes over cuz wen ppl r bored like me then yea they hav no lives so anything and anyone seems exciting.... lmao if that made any sense.. which in a wierd way it does but ok.... so i'll stop talkin now so u can go on with ur lives and ill sit here waiting for someone unexpected and altogether delightful to drop in on me.


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