Monday, July 11, 2005

Random Quotes!!!!!

Banana! Double Banana! That means it has two bananas in it! (David Desrosiers of SP)

When there's no top on the bus, it's windy. (Sebastien Lefebvre of SP)

People that hate our band, they will never hate me enough to make me stop it. They don't phase me. They go out there and tell us to f**k off or they flip us off or whatever, it's like, that's nothing to me. It's like I love what I do so much they will never stop me from doing it no matter how loud they scream, I will scream louder. And I will always be there for people who love us. They could never boo me off stage, I'll keep playing until my set's over and that's it. (Pierre Bouvier of SP)

yea talk about random huh!?!?!?! yea w/e when E was helping me decide what 2 put in my pro this is what she told me....heheheh yea so w/e ttyl


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