Saturday, July 16, 2005

omgggg GTS!!!!!

hahaha R & C!!!!! fun times Thursday!!!!!!!!
alrighty then...i'll explain:
so me & R were gonna go 2 that mall rite? so we decided 2 invite C...b/c we had this awesum idea: how bout we buy guys pants? & then we deconstructed them aka we destroyed them ;) so we wanted a boy cuz we dont no nuthin bout like guys sizing or w/ it was rlly fun we had 2 run ovr 2 the grls 2 try them on....but C dint wanna cum w/ we cell'd him wen we were ready & he jus was like ...... hahaha the pants r HUGE!!!! so w/e went around the mall & tried 2 drag Cinto the lingerie deptmts....succeeded in jcpenney's (i think thats wat it was) hehehehehehe
well went bak 2 R's house...@ like 930 & had dinner.... it was veal...never had it b4 then & it wasnt that bad... lol then me& R started destroyin the pants.. til like 430 in the mornin (but we like randomly stopped & were like jus talkin & stuff) well i dint sleep @ all...i was watching the clock til 600 wen we cood call C again (@ like 330 we were on the phone w/ him then he was randomly like lemme call u guys bak wen im awake at like 600 so were like okeydokey!!!) heeh
so called him @ 600....stayed on the phone til like 730 or 830? hehe then me & r had 2 let him go so he cood shower... then we watched anime..... then my ma picked me up....i was exhausted but we had 2 go to home depot.... then i had 2 cut the grass... had sum mac&cheese for lunch... then my ma made me take a nap
it was lik 130 & she started wakin me up at like 330 but i dint get off the couch til 349 cuz i was illke mad dizzy & confused idk it was rlly wierd then i was in the shower... then headed over 2 E's for a 'summer party'..
was expecting to x S ther but he was pukin up his brains so he dint cum but i saw L & e& k& a&b&me heheh yea it was fun...
ok well g2g for now ill talk more l8r!!!!!!! pce


At 8:25 PM, July 16, 2005, Anonymous Kara S not O!!!! said...

HAHAHA casey that sounds so fun except for the home depot and cutting the grass part lol well ill ttyl casedilla <-- love that lol

- love ya Kara


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