Thursday, July 28, 2005

great.....just great....

ok so i took this quiz called What does your Embrace feel like? and look wat i got... ergh

Your embrace is as dead as a corpse's. You've been
hurt continuous times that you can't see the
light any longer. You just want to reach out to
people, but you're trapped in that little black
box and can't escape... You need help from
humans; but instead you rely on your dreams and
salvation to hold grasp onto this spinning
world... People care about you, you just
haven't realized it yet. You fall off the
cliff, hoping to die, but instead youre
spreading your wings and finding that you can
fly... :) Smile a little more, frowning never
looked that great on a person anyway. Take
everything you've been blessed with, enjoy your
life a little more! A hug means many things:
love, hurt, anger, celebration, kindness,
support, and thank you... In this case, it
means hurt and despair... You fall so you can
learn to pick yourself up again; spread your
wings and fly... Even if it's only to your
dreams, dreams are the most powerful thing in
the world ^-^

What'>">What Does Your Embrace Feel Like?
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