Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Boredom Busters

When its rainy:
put on ur swimsuit, run outside, and be a duck!!! Jump in puddles and quack and try to fly. This'll keep u occupied for a while if ur a real moron....
* note: dont get hit by lightning...if u hear under a set of metal bleachers in the middle of a huge puddle in a field

When your at a track meet and the long jump pit is free:
remember: Red Bull makes you Fly!!! run down the strip, and as u jump, flap ur wings and make retarded noises.....definite waste of every time...guaranteed!!
* note: repeat until u collapse...if ur in shape, that shood b a while....if not, well then, there's an ambulance waiting.

When your online:
go 2 & do the popping virtual bubble wrap...but that gets boring so do the lemonade stand...that takes forever & ur brain isnt totally wasted...u still gotta think a little....
* note: every once in a while...back away from the computer....i dont wanna b responsible for zombies...i'll get nightmares


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