Sunday, July 31, 2005

Boating Yesterday

now that that's said, i will tell u bout boating yesterday

so yesterday i went w/ Kimmy & her family to a lake & we went out on there boat.... me & kimmy went on the tube & it was rlly fun!!!!!! until we got flipped off... ok here's how it happened:
we were going on a curve cuz the boat needed to turn around so we got in the wake of our boat, but at the same time this ski-doo thing shot past us so we got his wake too.... thus causing the tube to fly up like 15 ft in the air as me & kimmy smacked the water. it felt likei got thrown off a building onto pavement. OUCH!!! my back still hurts... but kimmy hit her ear on the water & it was paining her all the rest of the day so we left at like 430 or sumthing. i hope shes alrite!!!!! we saw lots of fishies!!! brian & me were body surfing in the wakes of passerbys boats.... yes gts i'd say....

also we got a new thing for our comp so its prettier & we all hav our own desktops now... im still searching for a sexy bg but 4 now i hav a pic of the moon and a mountain... its very nice.... i like stars/ moons and stuff like that....

well my wrist is starting to hurt from all the typing so pce



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