Sunday, July 03, 2005

A.T. 40

listening to the American Top 40... there now playing Howie Day: Collide... o btw i bot the cd yesterday!!! whoo hoo!!! & i got a 3 doors down book for my guitar!!! yessssss. lol lots of $ tho!!!

anyway....howie day got a fax machine for his b-day...!! he'd always wanted one tho so w/e.....

hey i'v always wanted a laptop so how come no1 got me 1 for MY birthday??? lmao... prolly cuz i got an acoustic this yr...& an electric last yr.... and a bass next yr... & another electric the yr after that....or i mite get one 4 Christmas!!!!!!!!!!! whoo hoo that wood b awesome....speed up the process a lil bit dontcha think????


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