Wednesday, June 29, 2005

phone calls

on the phone w/ a & her lovely ice cream man.........
"I have to stop cursing at inanimate objects!"

chatting bout Harvest Moon... yeah... c's chick got lost in the pasture.....& by the time she found it, it had turned into a chicken...... too bad we cant let the two bulls mate.... lmao gts!!!!!!!!

tried 2 3-way R....but the line was busy... hav the hugest crush on him...

"what's that hard thing under all those sheets???!!!!" lmao "oh....its only the stereo"


At 2:58 PM, July 01, 2005, Anonymous anamika! said...

hahaha yep im just so cool.. well this is what happens when im stuck home, i start to halusinate! sp? lmao

well i guess ill go and play with my wittle ice cream man ^_~! lmaoo

<3 anamika


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