Sunday, September 25, 2005

ok c ya

havin the worst day today... thas the only reason im writin here. check out my myspace @ yea

and btw, edwardjones1040, who r u? thanks for saying this is cool, i put a lot of time into this to make it nice.

well c ya

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

lemme no if u read this

hey guys lemme no if u actually read this or check it out by commenting on this post or i/m-ing me cuz otherwise ill jus stop writing here cuz i think thas jus a waste of time...... thanks...

ill leave this up until lets say a week from today, September 7th... ill make my final decision on that day......

thank you once more.
ur friend

last day of summer vaca

this is my last day of summer vacation... and many of urs too... well its rainy so we dint go to the beach like we wanted to.... i havent been to a real beach at all this summer ..... : ( yea well i mite go to 6 flags w/ kimmy on friday....... we mite b able to meet sum of u there if u wanna.... if not, ill c a lot of u in skool tomoro (sadly)

i love you all